Paradigm, A Return to LucasArts Game Style


Paradigm is an AMAZING point-click graphic adventure game. The art is fantastically designed and not to mention hilarious! There hasn’t been a game like this since the good old days of the LucasArts. Paradigm is hands down the funniest modern adventure game I’ve played. Thankfully this genre is making a comeback thanks to indie creators.

The detail in the art is what makes this a masterpiece point and click game. The weird atmosphere and strange character designs leave you wanting more.


Metal Messiah Concept Art

I’ve been waiting for this game for two years watching the concept art. It definitely was worth the wait. Honestly check out the website, Paradigm Adventure. It’s on Steam now and I would highly recommend getting it. You can even play the demo, which is available on the game’s website for free.

Just to let you know, I’m not getting paid to promote this game. I just love it and want to support it. I want to see more games designed with art like this.

Graphic adventure games are nostalgic for me. Especially the point and click ones. The art in these games is brilliant and hilarious. You won’t find this in any other genre. Some of my fondest memories were going over to my aunt and uncle for my birthdays. I’d play the LucasArts games like Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis and The Day Of The Tentacle (The Dig will always be a favorite of mine). Just to name a few. The art in those games inspired me considerably.


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