A Game All In Rhyme


This is a game with heart and soul, a rare gem. Apparently, the one-man development team, Mattis Folkestad, wrote the entire thing in rhyme. The rhyming gave the game character and a more picturesque feel that it might have lacked. Thankfully it’s done so well, it doesn’t get on your nerves.


I thought the rhyming was quite creative

It’s a short game, but the story is exciting and intriguing and somewhat bizarre. In my opinion, even though it isn’t a long game, it’s well worth it. You can find it on Steam (it was a greenlight game), you can also check out the website here, Milkmaid of the Milky Way.

The hand-painted backgrounds are beautifully done, creating a lovely crafted universe filled with wonder and awe.


That’s what makes this point-click adventure game so great, the artwork. Some may say it looks extremely retro, but I love that 90s style handcrafted graphics. It’s nostalgic.  The mini-cute scenes are drawn beautifully. You can tell this game was made with passion, and it was only created by one guy.


Like I said with Paradigm, I’m not getting anything to promote this game. I truly enjoyed it and want to support games like these, games designed with passion and art. These games help to inspire my creativity and drive me to draw and paint.

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