Blogging Woes

Why did I make this blog?

Well first off,  I’m brand new to blogging – heck I’m just getting into social media now! If you can believe that! I’m so overwhelmed by all the information, that my head feels like it’s about to explode.

I tried doing a blog for my art. It’ll be about a month since I created it. I was updating it with a new post almost twice a week. My first post got a few views but after that, it was getting pretty much zeros. Which from what I’ve been reading (and boy have I been reading a LOT about blogging for beginners), it means that the quality of your blog is – well – it’s shit.  As an artist, that can feel very crushing. I have been reading that art blogs usually do fail though. Maybe I’ll keep going with it? Not sure yet.

One of my blog posts people responded to the best was Paradigm (What an awesomely funny game!). So I’ve taken my two posts from my art blog and moved them here.

I’ve always wanted to review and talk about games that I found fun and quirky.